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Problems We Are Solving

In 2018, Nexus Infosec identified a key challenge within cybersecurity: the field was seen as a cost center rather than an innovation hub, with pentesters often stuck in repetitive tasks rather than engaging in strategic problem-solving. Addressing this, we set out to revolutionize the industry by integrating AI, aiming to elevate cybersecurity from routine testing to advanced, strategic operations. Our solution, Excalibur, embodies this shift, leveraging AI to simulate sophisticated cyberattacks, thereby equipping cybersecurity professionals with tools to anticipate and counteract evolving threats more creatively and effectively.

As the pioneering American AI-based offensive security firm, we lead in Cyber AI research, offering AI agents for in-depth pentesting and advanced analytics. Excalibur is set to transform the industry, shifting pentesters to roles in adversarial simulation and red teaming, optimizing their creative and strategic potential."


Mission to Cyber Artificial General Intelligence

Our pursuit of Cyber Artificial General Intelligence aims to replicate and eventually surpass human capabilities in security assessments. We are relentlessly innovating to develop true cognitive AI agents that can autonomously discover, analyze, and secure complex hybrid digital environments.

Excalibur represents the next phase on this journey - fusing advanced machine learning with expert security knowledge to automate penetration testing powered by AI. Rather than rely on simulations or narrow AI, our self-learning models adapt to new threats and environments.


The Revolution Begins:

It was an epiphany—what if the world's most sophisticated AI could take on the task of penetration testing, freeing humans to focus on their strengths in strategic oversight and innovation? This led to the creation of Excalibur, our flagship AI-driven solution capable of emulating human-like penetration testing skills with just an IP address. Excalibur is a paradigm shift, reducing the need for a team of pentesters to just one, thereby cutting costs and exponentially increasing efficiency, robustness, and innovation.

As an American-funded, sourced, and developed company, Nexus Infosec is at the forefront of redefining cybersecurity. Join us to make the world a better place!

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