Experience the difference with our services, designed to put you first.

Licensing Options

Available as a subscription-based service with flexible options

- annual or multi-year licenses, tailored to organizational needs.


Choose from a variety of

Language Learning Models (LLMs)



Flexibility to choose your preferred installation style.


Install the entire model and software locally.

With just one API, you can start conducting pentests.

Managed Hosting

Opt for a managed service where we handle all infrastructure installations on our platform. You simply use our endpoint to run pentests.

Human Requirement

Minimal human intervention required - only during Scoping and Report sharing.

Reporting Format

Experience collaborative installation - a format that fosters teamwork and efficiency.

No. of Pentests Included

Enjoy the freedom of Unlimited Pentests per year.

Customer Support

Benefit from a dedicated account manager and a technical support team exclusively for your company.


Keep your LLM up-to-date with just one click, or opt for the managed service for hassle-free updates.

Data Privacy

Protecting you data is our utmost priority.

Locally Maintained

Your data always stays on your systems.

Managed Hosting

Benefit from state-of-the-art encryption and segmentation to isolate your data from others.

Experience Excalibur

Next-Generation Offensive Security
with Intelligent AI Agents


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